Cousin Stizz – One Night Only (Album Review)

“I’m knowin that now is my time, I’m lookin them right in the eyes.”

Ladies and gentlemen…let me present to you another Album Review which is now focused on the Boston, Massachusetts native Cousin Stizz. I’ve been listening to a lot of this man for the past couple of years and I honestly believe the dude is on the come-up as having a lot of potential. So much in fact I think that XXL individuals that voted made a huge mistake in terms of not electing him. Lets get into One Night Only.


Stizz took to the Internet to release a few tracks en route to the album release. The first being “Headlock” which released in April 2017 and had featured 1/3 of Migos, Offset. Afterwards, Stizz released “Jo Bros” in May and “Neiman Barneys” featuring G-Eazy in June. Lastly, Cousin Stizz released the album cover, release date and track list for One Night Only and followed it up with the last release track off the album titled “Lambo.” All four tracks had made the cut.

Fun Fact: I don’t consider this a “fun fact” but more of an awareness and tribute to Cousin Stizz’ love ones. Stizz’ grew up with his childhood friend Damone Clark at a very young age but was an individual who passed away due to bone cancer. Damone also is given the nickname “Monda” which happens to be the same name as Stizz’ second album titled Monda and the name tattooed on Stizz’ left arm displayed on the album cover. Check the entire story of Stizz’ time spent beforehand below via HipHopDX.

160729-cousin-stizz-mondaScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.27.14 PM


The following artists contributed production towards the album (and every single producer on here might I add, you may want to get hip to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM):

  • Tee-WaTT (especially this guy)
  • Ted Boyd
  • FrancisGotHeat
  • Smash David
  • Dave Sava6e
  • M. Ali
  • ayoayo
  • Vinylz
  • Dundeal
  • Wondagurl
  • LDG

Fun Fact: Drake just so happen to co-sign Cousin Stizz’ music by first playing “Shoutout,” the single off Stizz’ first project Suffolk County on OvO Sound Radio. Then right before MONDA was released, Stizz’ promotional single, “Gain Green,” was first premiered on OvO Sound Radio. Although it doesn’t allude to any specific deal with OvO, Stizz is actually signed to RCA Records…though it’s likely we could see an OvO collaboration in the future?

Artist Spotlight: Offset (Of Migos)


Do you know the amount of appeal this man is getting in regards to his features nowadays? If anything, Offset is literally killing the main artist of any song he happens to lay vocals on nowadays (ask anyone about the legendary “Met Gala” track and Offset’s verse). To be frank, Offset is often times mentioned as the one within Migos who’s flow is impeccable but also underrated amongst the group. Although all three are Voltron-like as a trio, it’s Offset who I feel can ride a beat than any of the three men in the group. Quavo can “hook us in,” Takeoff can hold his own but it’s Offset that I feel is the most engaging because of his tenacity. The Kelly Rowland of Migos you ask? This man here and he’s had a great few months after the release of Culture.

Honorable Mentions:

G-Eazy: Stop sleeping on the homie from the Bay Area. Just cause he got the slick back hair, leather jacket, and greaser persona doesn’t mean he isn’t nice with it. Check his catalogue. The man is nice.

Wondagurl: Still not hip to the young charismatic producer from The North? Keep in mind that she’s the one being innovative with this new sound of beat kits that’s been hitting the songs of individuals like Sean Leon and Tre Capital.

Tee-WaTT: I honestly don’t think Stizz could do it without one of his original producers. I’ve heard plenty of his tracks that he did for Stizz during the Suffolk County days and he definitely did it justice. Hats off to you.

Strengths & Weaknesses

1. Cousin Stizz: The Spiritual Successor of Old Wiz Khalifa (aka Stizz’ Spirit Animal is Old Wiz Khalifa) 
Strength: Before you stop me and say I’m reaching lets consult the general consensus.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.09.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.10.05 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.10.11 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.10.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.11.04 PM

So in a sense, it could be said Stizz bears a similar sound in cadence, delivery and content similar to the “Old” Wiz Khalifa (the term given in which Wiz was making music directly during and/or before the Kush & OJ era).

Honestly, this is a major strength for Stizz…in some ways though. I’m not saying I am relying on Stizz to deliver the sound we all wanted back in 2010 when Wiz was leading the rap game at one specific point (because I’d hate for him to be given the labe and I’d want him to have his own soundl) but lets be honest…3 projects in and a handful of individuals are saying you sound like a prolific, remarkable artist of old times? 2009 was amazing…Wiz released a lot of great music during that time and even a couple years before (How Fly, Prince of the City 1 & 2, Star Power, Burn After Rolling, etc). If you really want a specific track that stood out to bolster this point, play “Pullup” off of One Night Only then hear an Old Wiz on the track. Easy.

Weakness: Pressure really does make diamonds…see what happened with Wiz when he got buzz, was a unique individual and then got the contract? His sound was “different” and his career didn’t plummet…but we did miss that Old Wiz Khalifa. Lets add the same playing field but now with the label of what could be considered as Wiz Khalifa 2.0. Stizz is now signed to RCA Records which the distributor is Sony Music. If RCA makes him make music he doesn’t like and point him in the mainstream direction…bye Stizz. Here’s to hoping that the second coming of a great artist doesn’t plummet him like the great artist he’s compared to.

2. Boston Uprising
(photo credit to S. Galante)


The Boston scene in Rap & Hip Hop is steadily getting an edge in regards to the genre. Of course, we know Stizz is hailing from the Boston area. But then you wonder, who else can hold the weight up with Stizz to bolster the scene? Well. I got a couple in mind!

Michael Christmas


First time I heard dude was when a producer by the name of Thelonious Martin had promoted his project titled What A Weird Day. Amazing project might I add which features the talents of Mac Miller and also Polyester The Saint (very underrated dude as well). As of now, he’s released a couple projects that I will include below. Get hip to em!

Vintage Lee

You heard the track “Hennythings Possible?” Well a Boston rapper did it. Armed up with the help of the Tee-WaTT as well, Lee hails from the Roxbury neighborhood within Boston. She’s worked with Michael Christmas additionally and has released a project titled PiMP that released back in June. Peep the track and the project below and get hip to another Boston native.


WeaknessLongevity is immensely one of the hardest things to maintain as an artist I feel like. Constantly putting out projects, making sure that it’s not just something that you like specifically but also it appeals to the masses to these artists. Now you would think that a lot of people aren’t too familiar with Boston rap but unknowingly, there a small handful of rap LEGENDS and/or familiar artists that people know such as Benzino, Marky Mark and of course… this legend that we lost:

Guru (of Gang Starr)


Final Verdict

So the pressure is on. Cousin Stizz delivered an amazing album that not only keeps me on rotation in regards to plays, a lot of chill tracks to vibe to and again, he echoes a sense of being the second coming of “Old Wiz Khalifa.” Although I wish he had saved a few of these tracks instead of pushing four out from the album for promotional or better yet, substitute them for four other tracks, Stizz came with the heat. Some people may argue that he’s just another rapper with access to all things physical like cars, money, women, etc. But again, Stizz is dubbed as the second coming of the “Old Wiz Khalifa” by many. I know that likenesses and similarities are often obscured but there hasn’t been anyone compared to him in awhile. Let us see what Stizz offers in the near future.

Renegade Score: 4.6/5


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