Renegade On-Rotation – June 2017

A handful of great projects had been released as of June. Lets dive into this month’s Renegade On-Rotation.

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TDE’s First Lady had graced the world with her latest project titled CTRL which has been shattering charts on Billboard since it’s debut. The first time I had heard about SZA was back in 2013 when she released the music visual to “Teen Spirit (which beforehand, 50 Cent did a remix to).” During the same time, she had signed to TDE but we all desired a full body project from her under the TDE label (which we couldn’t get enough off her voice from her old projects such as See.SZA.Run, S and Z.

What was incredibly notable was the chemistry she was able to exhibit with her close friend and label mate Isaiah Rashad on songs such as “Warm Winds,” “Stuck In The Mud,” “Ronnie Drake,” “West Savannah,” and “Pretty Little Birds (hey yo Top Dawg, where that SZA/Zaywop compilation album?).” Now, she’s released her new project titled CTRL and as stated above, has been climbing its way to the top of the charts on Billboard and Apple Music (and she was talkin that talk on “The Weekend”). Peep out all of the TDE Songstress’ projects below and check out all of her collaborations as well from her other TDE brethren.


2 Chainz 
– Pretty Girls Like Trap Music


Formerly known as Tity Boi, the College Park native has released to us a highly successful album (and it sounds just as successful too) titled Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. But before I get into it briefly, I first started hearing “OF” 2 Chainz…I’ll say it again, OF 2 CHAINZ, on a FIRE song titled “Pimps” featuring the legendary Bun B and the highly underrated Big K.R.I.T. But as I started to hear more of his music with projects such as T.R.U REALigion, Based On A True Story & BOATS II, I realized he was also a part of the Playaz Circle.

This same man that was part of Playaz Circle was also the same man known as Tity Boi but he changed the name due to it being rather derogatory towards women. Therefore, the man we once knew by that name is now known as 2 Chainz. Collaborating with his other member Dolla Boy, the first Playaz Circle track I heard was a classic with Lil Wayne titled “Duffle Bag Boy.” Lets not forget 2 Chainz G.O.O.D Music collaborations such as “Mercy,” and “Champions” as well as his duo album with Lil Wayne, Daniel Son;Necklace Don and more.

Now, 2 Chainz has released a highly remarkable album that features the talents of Gucci Mane, Quavo, Travis Scott, Monica, Pharell Williams, Drake and more. Peep all the projects regarding 2 Chainz below including his latest Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

Domo Genesis – Red Corolla
(Photo Credit

A member of the once young and rebellious now turned mature group of Odd Future, Domo Genesis has released to us another project titled Red Corolla. The first time I had heard of Domo Genesis was on Tyler, The Creator’s very first project Bastard and the song was titled “Pigs Fly.” Then eventually, he was on a song titled “Brain” which this song featured Domo on a MellowHype (the collective of HodgyBeats and Left Brain) project.

After gaining momentum and releasing Rolling Papers, Under The Influence 1 & 2, No Idols (with Tyler, The Creator that is), Domo finally got his first studio album titled Genesis which featured the talents of Wiz Khalifa, Tyler, The Creator, King Chip (formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper), JMSN, Dash, Anderson .Paak and more. What makes Domo stand out to me more so than the other OF members is that he does absolutely nothing but JUST rap. SIMPLY. RAP. I remember I had attended the OF Carnival in 2015 and he was in his bag during his performance.

Now, Domo has released his latest mixtape titled Red Corolla which again, displays Domo’s ability in being able to rap remarkably. Check out all of his projects below and peep Red Corolla available below and now on SoundCloud.

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory


The Long Beach Lyricist (and in my opinion, the OG in a young man’s body) has also released an album in June titled Big Fish Theory. But first, lemme tell how I first heard Vince Staples. So the first track I heard was titled “epaR” when he was featured on Earl Sweatshirt’s project wayyyyyy back in 2010 which was called Earl. Of course, being a dope rapper that he is, it’s ironic that Vince was introduced to Earl and a few others in the OF collective including Syd in which it triggered him to create his first tape Shyne Coldchain Vol.1.

After gaining momentum with his first two tapes (the second being Winter In Prague), Vince was then introduced to Mac Miller (who went as the Larry Fisherman producer persona) to present to us the Stolen Youth mixtape. But the one song that had captured me most in terms of his talent was “Give Me A Reason” which was a track on Boldy James album My 1st Chemistry Set (you’ll thank me later).

Now, Vince has released his latest album titled Big Fish Theory and the young LBC boy definitely was snapping on this one. Featuring the “hidden” talents (yes hidden because they’re not mentioned as features) of Kendrick Lamar, Kilo Kish, A$AP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign, this project is sure to satisfy those that need another need for more of his music. Check out all of Vince’s projects below as well.

DJ Khaled – Grateful

So remember when Khaled released Major Key? Well Khaled decided to re-up off the momentum he got from the album and capitalized with another album titled Grateful. So in terms of when I first started listening to Khaled, it all began with “I’m So Hood (yeah the same beloved song we all heard involving Ace Hood and other miscellaneous parties).” Of course, we heard more successful tracks off his We The Best Music label.

As much as I would like to review the Grateful album, I will say that if you heard most of his other projects, you know what to expect from him. Specializing in gathering artists to do songs collectively, Khaled triggers the talents of artists such as Big Sean, Rick Ross, Bryson Tiller, Rihanna, Migos, T.I., Pusha T, Jadakiss and more on this album. Let’s not forget as well that Khaled’s son, Asahd Khaled, is an executive producer for the album (strangely…)

You can find Khaled’s project below and more on all music media platforms.

Jay-Z – 4:44


Ah yes. The Great Hov. I’ll be short and brief. Before 4:44, I had listened to Jay-Z during the times in which he was selling tapes out of his trunk with Damon Dash. Shortly after he got his deal with Priority was when he released Reasonable Doubt. Being I was only 5 or 6 at the time, of course Jay was shaking clubs and radio stations in time.

Every other Hov fan would know in sequence about In My Lifetime Vol.1, Vol.2, The Dynasty, The Blueprint, his whole beef with Nas, etc. We look at where he is now and he has released his latest album 4:44. Although this album is only available on TIDAL for the time being, a physical copy of the album is in the works. You can find all of Jay-Z’s projects elsewhere on other musical media platforms.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for my album review of Jay-Z’s 4:44 very soon!



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