Renegade On Rotation – May 2016

Yo…there has been a handful of artists that have been dropping music this month (considerably towards the last leg of May). Although I hadn’t quite listened to other projects (Krew$, Lil Yachty, etc.), this is what been playing constantly for me personally. Lets dive deep here into this month’s Renegade On-Rotation.



A very skilled lyricist hailing out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, this young man has came a long way from the beginning of his rap career. Additionally, his identity within the rap game has been highly debated and talk about as of this past month (more so with the controversy stirring from his album).

The first time I had heard Logic was around the time Logic’s Under Pressure (the deluxe album that is) had released. Of course, I knew “of” dude but never really gave him any mind. But one of the homies had told me much about him and how we skilled he is as a rapper (which people seemingly forget that he is a good rapper). So I dove deep into the Under Pressure album and it was a definitive album for me that made me a fan of his work. “Never Enough,” “Nikki,” and “Till The End,” (boy was snapping in both verses) were a handful of memorable tracks but the album for me was solid all around.

His next album ended up being titled The Incredible True Story which not only featured a handful of great tracks (“Innermission” and “Upgraded” for me personally) but it featured the awesome voice talents of Steven Blum (the same guy who voiced the robot Tom and Tom 2 from Cartoon Network’s Toonami,  and the unorthodox samurai Mugen from Samurai Champloo) and Kevin Randolph, a member of the RnB group Cocaine 80s.

Now, Logic has released his third and most controversial album yet titled Everybody. Touching on topics such as racial discrimination and his identification within his own race, is just one of few topics discussed. Check out Logic’s projects below via Spotify.

Mathaius Young
Take The Night Away


So you know how I’ve mentioned the topic of my so called “Four Horseman?” Tre Capital, Martin $ky, Sean Leon make up 3/4 of that. The last quarter of it is a young man hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana (originally Ohio). Let me tell you, Mathaius is definitely someone you need to get hip to immediately.

Unknowingly, I had listened to more of his production rather than his actual songs until I did some research on SoundCloud and found he actually was an artist. First track I had heard that was produced from him was “City Going Crazy” which was off of Tre Capital’s Gundam Pt.2 project. The first track I heard from him artistry wise was off of the same project but a track called “Walking On Air.” What separates Mathaius from the other 3 individuals in my Four Horseman is his wild cadence and production where as Tre excels in his tenacity and resolve in his raps and Sean’s flow is unorthodoxed but unique and rides a beat better than the 3 (and I ain’t even got to Marty yet? Just wait on it).

First body of work I heard from Mathaius was titled Pilot (oh the irony…). The boy literally SNAPPED on a track titled “Okay” and best believe he had went in. I believe he had also did very well as far as production too. But then there was a tape titled Backyard Wrestling Association and he worked with an individual by the name of Nagasaki Dirt. FAM this project was amazing (especially the second to last track). Now, Mathaius has released his new album titled Take The Night Away which in my opinion has awesome replay value track-to-track. Peep all of Mathaius’ projects below.

Bryson Tiller
True To Self


Pen Griffey himself has finally released that album that all the teenage/college and even female adults have asked for. But before I discuss True To Self, I had first listened to Bryson when he gained a lot of buzz on SoundCloud (more particularly having an abundant amount of remixes to his songs “Exchange,” “Don’t,” and arguably his all time signature track “Sorry Not Sorry.” Of course, this wouldn’t be partially possible without the rotation of playing these songs on Soulection Radio (JOEKAY what up).

Then we got Trap Soul. Fam, it was October 2015 when such an amazing project like that came out. Not just the other 3 above tracks were amazing but also “Rambo,” “Let Em Know,” “502 Come Up,” and of course…we can’t forget “Overtime (the track that almost every man and woman have related to).” Shortly after, Bryson got recognition from a handful of RnB veterans (Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Drizzy, etc.). But of course, we needed more Bryson and he ended up extremely quiet as far as tracks go. As he began to release singles, I began to wonder if the pressure from Trap Soul would downsize Bryson (because of how successful it was).

But I was too early to say such a thing. Now that True To Self is released, he’s currently earned his first #1 Billboard album. But we’ll need more than that and even me personally, my ideals of this album have changed after listening. Peep all of Bryson’s projects below and check out True To Self available now.

Noo$e Muzik
Ride $low


So lemme speak to you all about this cat from the Virginia/Florida area. So the first track I had heard from Noo$e was titled “Brahn Jame” about last year. First off, when you title a track after one of the most controversial NBA players in the game as of now, say his name lazy then make it a title of a song, it’s gotta be fire right? YOU BET IT IS.

After releasing a handful of tracks, Noo$e has released a project titled Ride $low and man does it provide a great plethora of tracks that can be put on rotation. To describe his sound, Noo$e is in my opinion very versatile (considering he produces, sings harmonies and rap) on the album and even his sound has a variety of ranges (an example with that jazz instrumental on “Mellow Man” or the old 90’s black RnB group sound on “How It Goes.” Please listen to Noo$e’s music below and be on the lookout for this man’s musical uprising in the future.

Gucci Mane

Beach Goth 2016

Being behind bars couldn’t stop the momentum of Guwop releasing projects. I state this because he still manages to release so much heat even after his couple of years of doing time. Since him releasing his two projects back in December 2016, The Return of East Atlanta Santa and 3 for 3 EP, Gucci has finally collaborated with the prestigious Metro Boomin to bring us DropTopWop.

The first time I had heard Gucci Mane was wayyyyyyy back in 2005 when he collaborated with Young Jeezy and Boo on a track called “Icy (you feel old yet?).” I’m not gonna give you a solidified track record of this man’s catalog because of how large his discography is but I do know that not only has he earned his first Platinum record (the track is titled “Both” which features Drake) but has released a very solid project. If you haven’t already, peep DropTopWop below via Spotify and check all of his projects wherever made available.

This has been your Renegade On-Rotation for May 2016


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