Renegade On-Rotation – April 2017

I hadn’t listen to a lot of new albums that were released in the month of April. Although there was plenty to offer, nothing really had stood out to me regarding full projects. Here’s a brief rundown of what I’ve listened to in this month’s Renegade On-Rotation.

Joey Bada$$ – All-Amerikkkan Badass


Pro Era’s frontman definitely made a lot of noise as of last month. The first time I had listened to Joey was around 2012 when his first tape 1999 had released. He brought back that really old “Golden Age” era of Hip Hop in literally every aspect of that project. A handful of those tracks were produced by MF Doom, J Dilla, Knxwledge, and Pro Era’s very own Chuck Strangers. One thing I truly enjoyed was the rebellious tenacity and spirit of hip-hop that he exhibits in his performances. You could definitely say he’s an old hip-hip soul in a young man’s vessel.

Afterwards, Joey dropped Rejex & Summer Knights which had a lot of those same “Golden Age” era vibes on these projects. Following the beginning of 2015, Joey then dropped B4.DA.$$ (which can be read as his last name BADA$$ or Before The Money) which still appealed to the original fanbase who liked his original projects but also for the commercial critics. Now, Joey has released his latest album titled All-Amerikkkan Badass which features the talents of his Pro Era brothers, ScHoolboy Q and J. Cole. I’ve all the projects from him listed below via Spotify so take a listen to him.

Oh yeah…long live Capital Steez.

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN


So uh…I’m not so sure I even have to talk about this. Do I gotta even talk about this? As you may already know, DAMN is electric and has been shattering records over the past few weeks. What I can provide is the first time I had actually listened to Kendrick.

Around the time when Kendrick’s Overly Dedicated tape dropped, this video was released:

This was the very first Kendrick song I listened to. This was when ScHoolboy Q was skinny, when Kendrick was still being called K. Dot, when Jhene Aiko was supposedly another “TDE Jane Doe,” when Jay Rock was the leader of TDE and likely when Isaiah Rashad and SZA were likely roommates somewhere in the Midwest. My friend from Michigan had put me on Kendrick and told me to listen to all his previous tape before Overly Dedicated such as The Kendrick Lamar EP, & Y.H.N.I.C.

Shortly afterwards, that’s when I became a fan and projects such as Section 80, GKMC, and other features and projects would convince me that K. Dot was going to emerge as being one of the greatest. Below are just a plethora of his individual albums. If you want the Black Hippy mixtape he did with his fellow label mates, visit


Sean Leon


Now this young cat from Toronto, Canada didn’t release a project out as of last month. However, he did release this project around February and I didn’t exactly get hip until April. First off, Sean Leon is another one of the individuals I had gotten a hold of listening to the first time I had streamed SoundCloud. The song that initially got me hooked on his style was in fact, “Prestige,” which is the same song he collaborated with Tre Capital on. What makes him standout is that he too shares that same tenacity in his raps like Tre but he has the ability to ride a beat better (“Hot Nigga Pt.2,” “Win,” “Favorite Rapper/Hundred Million Religion,” etc).

It took me awhile to get hip to his projects considering his features and loosie tracks got my attention more than the projects (the first full one being King Of The Wild Things). But after listening to “Hot Nigga Pt.2” (Hol Up It’s Coming) countlessly, I decided to at least just keep rotating his projects and get more familiar with dude considering he, in my opinion is considered one of my personal Four Horseman (a personal term meaning those who work somewhat closely together) artists with Sean himself, Mathaius Young, Martin $ky, and Tre Capital (and if I could, I’d throw Drayco McCoy and Scotty Apex as my 5th and 6th man too).

Now, Sean has released a high-octane twenty track project titled I Think You’ve Gone Mad (Or The Sins of the Father). What I have below are all the listed projects from Sean. Get hip to the young man from Toronto, Canada.





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