The Theory of Kendrick Lamar’s Easter Weekend Album

After dropping his fourth album titled Damn over the weekend, fans have already came up with speculation stating that the TDE artist is likely to drop another album this Easter Weekend.

It had all started when Sounwave, a TDE producer, posted a picture on Twitter of the date in which DAMN released in the heading followed by a picture of Morpheus from the acclaimed film trilogy The Matrix. As one would know, Morpheus is the individual that gives Neo, the main character, a choice of the red pill or the blue pill. Before this, Soundwave had posted a tweet saying “But what if I told you…that’s not the official version..”

Now this is where things start to get theoretical: A fan had then made a speculation that Kendrick was releasing another album with the following information made below.

Oh wait there’s more…

My thoughts is that it could be considered one heck of a reach…but then again, if it were reach TDE would definitely be entertaining this (in other words trolling and we all know Punch is real good at doing this). All we really can do is wait until Sunday to see what Kung Fu Kenny will showcase this weekend along with any updates he may hint at during Coachella this weekend.


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