Renegade On-Rotation: March 2017

There have been a handful of projects that have dropped this month. A-Grade artists, new artists, compilations, etc. Lets take a look at what I’ve been listening in this month’s Renegade On-Rotation.

Rick Ross – Rather You Than You Me


The Big Boss himself…Ricky Rozay has been shaking clubs and crowds with his latest album that had dropped titled Rather You Than Me. First time I had first heard Rozay was back when the track, “Chevy Ridin High” came out which was way back in 2006. Ever since then, Rick has been definitely building a mafia of A-grade artist such as Wale & Meek Mill. Additionally, Rozay has been signing some artists as well to the MMG label such as Rockie Fresh, Fat Trel, Tracy T, Omarion, Stalley Gunplay and previously Pill and Isa Muhammad.

Keep in mind, Rozay was initially intending to sign both Wiz Khalifa and Kendrick Lamar at their rising states (Wiz Khalifa in his Kush & OJ era and Kendrick shortly before the drop of Good Kid, City). Additionally, the emergence of his diss against Birdman had sparked some buzz towards the promotion of his new album (along with Rozay making it even easier to read that he desires nothing but the best for Lil Wayne along with really wanting to sign him).

Below I’ve listed the albums of all MMG’s Kingpin individually below. Rick Ross’ Rather You Than Me is available on all musical platforms and in participating retail stores where made available.

Drake – More Life


I mean…I-I-I mean…it’s Aubrey Graham you guys. Although the album has gotten mixed reviews (negatively for his culture vulture ways but positively for the production and the record breaking accolades it’s acheived), it’s still an album that has achieved much success. I remember when I had first listened to Drake on the Comeback Season mixtape which was introduced to me by one of the homies. Of course, it was that ONE track he collaborated with Wayne on titled “Ransom” that kinda had me sold for the potential of what he could be as an artist.

Keep in mind, the Drake that I know is way before people referred to him as Champagne Papi or the 6 God. This is the same Drake aka Drizzy Drake Rogers that supposedly was writing countlessly and was the same Drake that had ended up losing the “Legendary Blackberry” that had some of the nicest bars in it (question remains is whether Quentin Miller had wrote the bars or not). After Comeback Season, came So Far Gone, then Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Views and now More Life (we can’t forget that What A Time To Be Alive project with Future).

Below I have a list of these projects including the latter. Be on the lookout for his upcoming tour in the meantime as well.

Mike Will Made It – Ransom 2

Mannnnnnn listen… if you for a second think that Mike isn’t all that hot as a producer, I got an album for you that will SERIOUSLY change that opinion. For starters, Mike-Will-Made-It is a producer out of Atlanta, Georgia. The first beat from Mike I had listened to was “Tupac Back” by Rick Ross and Meek Mill way back in 2011 off the Self Made Vol.1 MMG compilation album. Afterwards, Mike was cooking up production for tracks such as G.O.O.D Music’s “Mercy,” Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Stop,” and those two popular Rae Sremmurd joints, “No Type” and “Black Beatles.”

Project wise, I had never listened to a full project from him…that is until I listened to Ransom 2. So check it, remember when DJ Khaled came out with his albums where in reality it was a compilation of tracks produced by Khaled? Mike follows this same formula for the compilation album but here’s the key difference: instead of getting prestigious artists specialized in every field of Rap, Hip-Hop and Rnb, Mike instead grabs mostly the hottest commercial artists in the game and compiles an all-star team of artists on the album.

Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Chief Keef, Rae Sremmurd, Pharrell Williams are just a handful of artists on this compilation album. Below I’ve listed the projects Mike has released including Ransom 2. The latter project is available now on all music platforms and retail stores wherever sold.

Sango – De Mim, Pra Voce


Not everyone knows about the highly prestigious man by the name of Sango. An amazing producer, a member of the legendary group called Selection, leader of his crew titled AGO (the rap/production collective consisting of Waldo, Joose The Conqueror, Amos Rose, The SEVENTH, Savon & Mozaic), and one of the pioneers (in my opinion) who made SoundCloud dope to listen to. I first started listening to Sango way back around 2013-2014 when SoundCloud wasn’t really heard of (in fact, way less commercial than what it was now).

First track I heard from him was a remix of Drake’s “Cameras,” but this version was way better than the original (if you’ve been to a Soulection show, you know exactly what track this is). Afterwards, Sango had a few projects released titled Da Rocinha. The very first one I heard I fell in love with as each track takes inspiration from his experience and likeness towards Brazilian/Portugeuse music and if you’ve heard Sango long enough, you’ll know what a Sango beat sounds like when you hear it (the Portuguese vocals, specific drum samples, etc.).

Afterwards, he released a handful of loosies, and the highly successful sequels to Da Rocinha: 2 & 3. He’s even worked closely with his AGO brethren on projects. Now, Sango gives us another tribute to his likeness towards Brazil titled, De Mim, Pra Voce (which means From Me, To You in Brazilian). Below, I’ve listed his projects including his latest album and the ever popular remix to Drake’s “Cameras (aka Sango “Callin On You”).” Get hip to him and his crew AGO  in the meantime when you have a moment.

Smino – blkswn


Mannnnnn listen…the young man from the St. Louis, Missouri area by the name of Smino is BLUE FLAMES and it’s suggestive you get hip to him immediately. Although I hadn’t listened to his two projects S!ck, S!ck, S!ck and blkjuptr (which I’ll be sure to immediate as well), the first track that I had gotten hip to initially was by Monte Booker which featured Smino titled “Kolors.” Eventually, I ended up noticing he was gathering more momentum when I saw he did “Living Colors” with Chance The Rapper and Big Sean.

Present day and the boy Smino is making some noise. He has now released his latest project titled blkswn available now on all music media platforms and wherever sold in retail stores. If you haven’t already, I’ve listed a handful of music from Smino as well.

GoldLink – At What Cost


So about this cat GoldLink…well there’s a lot about this cat GoldLink. I think he may’ve also jumpstarted my whole interest in listening to music on SoundCloud. I remember around 2014, I first listened to The God Complex project and it was whole different type of sound I had never heard of. The man gave off the Spring Break/Summer vibes (“Ay, Ay,” “Bedtime Story” & “Sober Thoughts” definitively contribute to this) when I heard it and I knew that this man was going to be much different among the rest (not to mention the producers he’s worked with as well such as Chris McClenney, Sango and Louie Lastik).

Seeing past his previous project After That We Didn’t Talk and his induction into XXL, we now have a young man who has made his mark and is still continuing to rise. Link has now released his latest project titled At What Cost which feature a nice selection of familiar and new artists such as Wale, Mya, KAYTRANADA, Ciscero and more. Peep all the projects and tracks I’ve listened to below.

Freddie Gibbs – You Only Live 2wice


Gangsta Gibbs actually snuck in here considering his latest project had actually been released on March 31st. First time I heard this guy was when he did a freestyle titled “The Ghetto.” This was around the same in which he made it on XXL (which he was in the same class as J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean). Shortly after, his talent shined bright enough to attract the attention of Young Jeezy which at that point, he ended up being signed to CTE.

Additionally, Freddie had released solid projects such as Cold Day In Hell, ESGN, and Baby Face Killa (Kush Cloud with Krayzie Bone is amazing). But what really stuck out was when Freddie Gibbs collaborated with the legendary Madlib. Of course, many wondered why would these two collaborate but then the album title of Piñata was not only announced but the reception of the album exceeded expectations. Leaving Young Jeezy’s label of CTE (while dissing him heavy on the way out), releasing a solid project (that being Shadows of a Doubt), having the second collabo project with Madlib on the way titled with Bandana, and an upcoming collaboration with Curren$y, Freddie keeps this momentum going with his latest EP titled Young Only Live 2wice.

I’ve listed all the projects I’ve listened to from Gangsta Gibbs. Young Only Live 2wice is now available on all music streaming platforms.


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