Renegade On-Rotation: January 2017

It’s a been awhile since I did one of these. First off, I’d like to apologize for the absence in regards to not updating like previously within the past few months. I had ended up getting a new line of business in regards to maintaining. Because of this, I couldn’t find the time to update the blog like I wanted to with articles. However, I’m slowly but surely bringing it all back together. Without further ado, lets back to it!

Tre Capital We Must Do Better


So previously on one of the first R.O.R’s, Tre Capital was one of the artists I was constantly putting on rotation. If you read it, then you already know my standpoint on how I think about this dude. Possessing his father’s tenacity (which you’d be surprised who his father is and once you put it together, you’ll notice the resemblance) and having the ability to flow well on beats, Tre has always been a young artist I see becoming one of the soon-to-be West Coast Legends.

Like I said, I first listened to the track “Prestige” with Sean Leon then began bumping his Gundam mixtape series, a few loosie tracks here and there and I Can’t Die Yet. Now, Tre has released a brand new EP titled We Must Do Better which is just absolute blue flames. Now some of these tracks were already released individually by themselves but it was all news to me considering I like waiting on artists to release full bodies of projects. So me being the one waiting in surprise, I was quite happy with what I heard from We Must Do Better. Featuring the talents of Ismael, TDE’s new recruit by the name SiR (check him out here), and Martin $ky, it’s definitely a project you gotta bump. Below is the project in full via SoundCloud and in the meantime, get hip to Tre Capital if you haven’t already.



Lordy…lemme tell you about this cat by the name of Dutchboy. First off, this New Jersey native is nasty as a producer. First beat I heard from him was from another artist that I normally listen to by the name of Krews. I also heard a few collaborations he did with another producer I believe to be by the name of NOVA (who is also is fire might I add). Periodically, I add a handful of beats he uploads to his SoundCloud from time to time to listen to sonically. Dude’s production is A1.

But just as of around last week, I managed to stumble upon a project he had released and it turned out to be his new project titled When I’m Not Around. Boy…that first track (Cookin Up), Dutch came right out of the gate along with tracks such as “Nu Jersey Devil,” “If You Knew,” & “Time (Don’t sleep on “West Ting” by the way).” Below I’ve posted Dutch’s SoundCloud along with his latest album When I’m Not AroundIf you’re an artist seeking some blue flame production or an artist offering a different kind of tenacity who can spaz differently on his own beats, take a listen to Dutchboy.

DJ Yung Vamp


So…there’s a genre that hardly a lot of people have most likely heard but don’t exactly know what to call it. The genre is titled as “Phonk.” So for years, I’ve been listening to this genre and never did I know exactly who started it, who’s putting this type of music out, why isn’t it going big, etc.

Well for starters, it ain’t for everyone. I say this because most people don’t just like to hear this style of music let alone like to listen to these types of instrumentals (or listen to instrumentals on rotation in general). As a guilty music pleasure, I like Phonk music. To give you an idea of what it is, think of a lot of your typical southern trap music that you hear:

-The Nextel “Chirp” Sound Effect
-The sound of liquid codeine being poured into a cup
-The “Damn son, where’d you find this” guy
-The “This is a certified hood classic” guy as well… (are they the same guy?)
-Production of constant hi-hats playing (the loud “tint, tint” sound you hear)

This is just to name a few of what I hear in most of Phonk music. The difference is that the instrumental is (in my opinion and I can be wrong) either a smooth, jazz type beat or something that sounds rather horrific/scary but the bass is SUPER HIGH OCTANE. Add a few Memphis/Atlanta rapper vocals in the background and you have Phonk music. One of the producers I’ve heard goes by the name of DJ Yung Vamp who has a handful of dope Phonk instrumentals and tracks. Other producers who would be similar that I listen to are Drae Da Skimask, $oudiere, 6-6-6, Loud Lord, etc.

Provided below is Yung Vamp’s SoundCloud playlist. Turn the volume up and get hip to the Phonk production. You’ll be very happy that you did.



Don’t ask me any questions…don’t give me any strange looks…don’t think of me as crazy. I been having Migos on rotation in anticipation of the Culture album. With the success that they have been having over the past few months (especially since the “Bad & Boujee” visual that had dropped way back last Fall), it shouldn’t even be a surprise as to why it wouldn’t be on my rotation list.

Way before there was a “Versace” track with Drake, the hit track titled “Hannah Montana” or  “Fight Night,” I had listened to one of the first tapes that hit back in 2011 Jugg Season. A year afterwards in 2012, that’s when the second tape titled No Label dropped 3 days before my birthday. Afterwards, the momentum for the trio began picking up when Y.R.N Streets On Lock 1 & 2 dropped and that’s when Migos had always been in my regular musical selections (lets not forget the The Green Album with Guwop might I add).

Fast forward past “Look At My Dab,” “Pipe It Up,” the incidents regarding the separation of the group (the GSU incident, Offset’s crimes, etc.) and thankfully, I’m glad that a group such as these three are able to impact the Atlanta sound like they have today. Now, the Culture album is out and has been such a successful hit. Below, I have a variety of most of the tapes that I have listened to since I listened to Migos’ from the beginning including Culture.


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