Renegade On-Repeat: November 2016

I have a nice selection of what I had been listening to just this past November. Here’s your Renegade On-Repeat for November 2016.

A$AP Mob


If you haven’t already, it would be best to go listen to the Mob’s second collaborative project titled Cozy Tapes Vol 1.: Friends. Honestly, I never initially listened to the Mob as a group collectively but individually. First, I listened to Rocky wayyyyy back in his Purple Swag days (and we all know that visual was blue flames when it came out). Then progressively more of his projects like Live.Love.A$AP,  & Long Live A$AP were making it into my rotation. Afterwards, Ferg entered into my usual plays when his dope single, “Work,” was released. Then Trap Lord and Ferg Forever (which was my favorite project from him so far).

As far as Nast and Twelvyy go, I initially heard them from the Mob’s first collaborative tape titled Lords Never Worry. They had announced projects as individuals but they were either scrapped or had never came to fruition. They have released several tracks with other Hip-Hop/RnB artists and hopefully we’ll see full length projects in the future. Below, I have provided the first and second projects of A$AP Mob.

Oh yeah. R.I.P to Yams.



Let me tell you about this cat by the name of Anonymuz (or what people also known him as Anon). This young man from Florida is not only an amazing artist but also belongs to the YouTube group The Gaming Illuminaughty. This group is home to a collective of individuals interested in gaming, music, sports, anime and other media including the talents of Black Hokage (formerly known as ModernWarNegro), UTXJGtheDon, GamingEthos, BLVCK, Knomad, SiggyGuns, Chaos, Flock, & Ace.

The first track I had ever heard from him was a track called “Darth Vader.” Lemme say this: this man Anon is extremely filled with emotion in his raps. A prime example of this is when he comes in on his tracks (“Darth Vader” being a prime example, along with “Neo Babylon”) and dude is nice with the multis. Just recently, he has released his new project titled Vice City which is available now on Apple Music & Spotify. If you want someone who sounds like they REALLY mean what they mean on a track (dawg was snappin on “Pride” & “Before The Fall” might I add) and has that strong sense of conviction in their raps, listen to Anonymuz. I’ve included the link to stream Vice City below but please support this man and his music.

Additionally, if you like gaming, music, sports, & anime, please visit the YouTube page of Gaming Illuminaughty here and show support. This page is constantly updated with news in the 4 listed categories listed above along with plenty of other content as well. You can also find Anonymuz’ music YouTube page here and his gaming/anime page here (Hey yo Anon…I’m dyin for another Anime Fights from a Savage’s Perspective, my boy) .



Boyyyyyyyyy let me tell you about this guy here. First off you say his name like El-E-Dolla. Second of all, were it not for Slim K, I personally would’ve never heard of this artist from the Texas area. I remember way back when Slim K had Chopped and Screwed a handful of his projects but I just didn’t see what the hype was about when he was promoting LE$’ music. At the time, this was when the Expansion Pack EP (the Chopped Not Slopped version that is) was released. Soon as I loaded up the tape, I knew dude was going to be in my regular rotation for music.

What I like about LE$ is that he totally reminded me of the same finesse Curren$y and 09′ era Wiz Khalifa presented way back when. Remember how both of these two would rap on those fire rap-jazz/chill beats (I’m looking at you “FWTS” and “Serenity”)? LE$ presents not only the ability to flow well on these types of beats (in fact that’s one of his versatile skills in general is to flow on any beat you give him with “Thoed” being a prime example) but also his tastes in music. Based off what I’ve heard from him so far, I’ve heard tracks that remind me of Zapp & Roger, ESG, Paul Wall, Mike Jones (keep in mind, LE$ reps Texas) and anything contributive to jazz in general.

I first started off with Expansion Pack then went back to listen to Gran Turismo, E36 (better yet, listen to them Chopped Not Slopped via Datpiff), then followed up with more listens with Dreamcast, the Steak X Shrimp series, ACE, and now his new album that has released titled Olde English. Below, I have provided all the tapes I have listened to so far from him. If you’re looking for traditional Texas rap, take a listen to LE$.

Note: Le$’ mixtapes are definitely worth a listen in the Chopped Not Slopped format. Visit here to listen to his available tapes in this format.

I’ll Name This Podcast Later (Joe Budden & Rory)


Okay. Back then, I never really cared about podcasts because I thought the idea of people just rambling about specific topics I’ve no interest in over a recording for other people to hear wouldn’t be appealing to my ears. But as I started to become familiar with the word “podcast,” it isn’t just stapled as people rambling.

In Joe Budden’s very own podcast titled, “I’ll Name This Podcast Later,” this show is focused on EVERYTHING but in a current event format.  Everything that is relative to politics, music, television, entertainment, sex, relationships, and/or gossip that’s current, it’s talked about! The show includes not just Budden but also the co-host talents of Rory, Mal, Ice, and many more which promote more reasons to listen in. What’s also great about the show is that they do a segment titled Sleeper Songs. Each co-host, including Budden, picks a song that likely no one has heard of (but typically it almost ends up being like a competition). Additionally, this is also a great opportunity to get hip to artists no has heard of before (which is how I got hip to Don Q).

You can listen to the podcast each and every Wednesday on SoundCloud around Noon (9 AM for the west coast folks) as I’ve seen the pattern of the podcasts uploaded generally around this time frame. I would highly recommend listening as it’s great for a long ride to/from work, getting hip to what’s hot in music, the host’s opinions, what would be great to watch on television, and even vocabulary that the hosts use as well (you know the word “duke” or “curve” I’ve used? I found that out through these guys)

I’ve included the entire collection of all the podcasts made available thus far. Get yourself up to speed now as the 90th episode of the podcast has been readily available since Wednesday (November 30th).

This has been your Renegade On-Repeat for November 2016. Want to be featured on the next article of Renegade On-Repeat? Submit an e-mail with links to your music on our contact page and if it makes the cut, you’ll be featured next month!


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