Renegade On-Repeat: October 2016

Boy, do I have some great music for you all. October’s been jam-packed with new releases from talented artists so without further ado, let’s get into this month’s Renegade On-Repeat.

Lance Skiiiwalker
Chicago, IL
Top Dawg Entertainment


So what can be said about Top Dawg’s 7th and newest member? Well for one, it’s abundantly clear that they don’t just choose ANYBODY to join the roster. In fact, Lance Skiiwalker is the first TDE artist who not only sings, but produces as well. The first song I heard from Lance was the same one TDE mysteriously posted on their SoundCloud page a few months ago: “Speed” (that rabbit with the cape on the cover art still kills me haha).

Afterwards, Lance made more notable appearances within the TDE camp. He was in Jay Rock’s “90059” video, made two features on Jay Rock’s 90059 album (“Telegram” and “Money Trees Deuce”) and appeared on Schoolboy Q’s Blank Face LP (“Know Ya Wrong”). Afterwards, Lance dropped visuals for “All Stops,” “Could It Be” & “Lover’s Lane” to promote his debut under the TDE label, Introverted Intuition.  I’ve been feeling  “Could It Be” because of the instrumental on the 2nd half of the track. I’ve provided all the visuals and the stream to the project below.


Waldo (of AGO)
Grand Rapids, MI
Astronaut Gang (AGO)


If you’ve heard of Sango, then you’ve likely heard of the music group AGO. And if you’ve heard of AGO, then you’ve definitely heard of Waldo. Just like fellow group member Joose The Conqueror, Waldo is an artist out of Grand Rapids. It was around 2013 that I watched a video of Waldo titled “Poison” which was just absolute fire.  In that same video was a link to a project titled Pick Your Own Poison (P.Y.O.P). The project as a whole not only got me familiar with Sango, but  also got me hip to Waldo (Waldo, if you’re reading, you snapped on the last half of “More You/Enough Love” my guy).

After the appeal of P.Y.O.P, Waldo released his next project NDSE/Outside, all produced by Sango with some outside help from producers like $ir OJ and the legendary Mr. Carmack (shoutout to Marvel Alexander on the mixing/mastering process). There’s just so many fire-worthy tracks on there (“Kobe’s Room,” “AGO,” “Balcony” and my personal favorites: “Red Toyota, Naomi’s Song” & “Explicit Content”).

Sango and Waldo teamed up again in 2014 to release Until Then, a five track EP (Waldo, your versatility showed up to body all five of them, I might add). Into 2015, Waldo released a few loosey tracks to maintain his presence with notable titles like “Walking On Water;” “To Be Continued” (featuring  AGO member, The SEVENth); “Search” (produced by another AGO member: Mozaic); “Summer Vacation;” “Double Edged Sword” & “Any Day Now” (the last two featured verses from the rising young artist Tre Capital).

Waldo wasn’t letting up one bit afterwards. When someone makes a mixtape based on your area code and your regional area from your home state, it’s gotta be fire, yes? It still is. Waldo hooked up with AGO producer, Savon, and together made a 5 track EP titled 616. As of now, Waldo has released his new album Be Ever Wonderful which features the talents of all his AGO brethren.

Below, I included the majority of Waldo’s discography, as well as visuals. You may want to get hip to AGO now and better yet, West Michigan Hip Hop in general. 616 what up.


Like aka Call Me Like (Of Pac Div/Pacific Division)
Los Angeles, CA
Pac Div


1/3 of the Los Angeles based hip hop group Pacific Division (which includes members Mibbs and BeYoung), Like is on the very short list of African-American SoCal natives to ever be nominated for a Grammy for producing. (For Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst” to be exact). But even then, I identified Like as a rapper before a producer. First time I heard him was when I was riding with my brother bumping one of Pac Div’s first tapes, Church League Champions. The first song I heard was”Shut Up,”a dope bass-knocker featuring The Cool Kids. This was around ’08-’09, when Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Chip The Ripper & The Cool Kids hailed  as one of the best artists to listen to (the high school graduating class of 2009 know what I’m talking about).

Shortly after, Pac Div gathered even more attention with other projects like Don’t Mention ItMania!, The DiV and GMB. But unfortunately, the crew had a major fallout and ended up splitting up to pursue solo careers. This didn’t stop Like from producing tracks for Mibbs (his biological brother), while BeYoung (IMO the most underrated of the group), was nowhere to be found until releasing Daily Bread: My Brother’s Keeper earlier this year.

But let’s focus on Like. He’s dropped a couple beat tapes to promote himself through the years and if you’re a rapper, singer, engineer or otherwise, it’d be beneficial to use some of his content. Dude is a very creative individual. He has two tapes available now: Zesty and Emeralds, which have received positive feedback. But the real project you want to get hip to is Songs Made While High. Featuring the likes of Anderson .Paak and Kali Uchis, it’s definitely on heavy rotation this month.


NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge)
Los Angeles (.Paak: Oxnard, CA/Knxwledge: NJ & Philadelphia, PA)
Stones Throw Records (.Paak: Aftermath)


Yes Lawd! The talented musicianship of Anderson .Paak (did you know the boy was a BEAST drummer?) & high-caliber finesse of Knxwledge’s production form the almighty duo of NxWorries. My very first NxWorries track was unknowingly “Suede,” having mistook it as a solo track from .Paak. Late last year, NxWorries released their first EP Link Up & Suede. (If you do NOTHING else today, do yourself a favor and listen to Paak’s song, “Droogs,” off his Venice album. It’s guaranteed to make your cruising playlist whenever it’s your turn on the aux).

Now, the duo has released their full project Yes Lawd!, which (lucky for us) dropped a week earlier than its original October 21st release date. On the Renegade, I’ve written content about both artists, including a segment for Knxwledge here. Below is their collective content as NxWorries, including the very first visual I’d ever seen of the two. Git hip 2 NxWorries brthr. ugonluvit (useewuteye did thr?)


Joe Budden
Jersey City, New Jersey
E1/Mood Muzik/Shady* (*As 1/4 of Eminem’s group: Slaughterhouse)


Don’t even act like Budden ain’t shaking rooms and making noise. Cut it all the way down. Although you may think Budden is just a typical irrelevant MC who some may believe just gets on TV to attract attention or appear as an asshole to not only his fans but his loved ones, you may want to pay closer attention to his artistry. The very first track I heard from Budden was–oh you’re waiting for me to say “Pump It Up?” Wrong.

First track I heard honestly was “Walk With Me” off his self-titled album. Eventually, Mood Muzik found its way into my library (specifically, Mood Muzik 2 hit home for me). If you haven’t gotten hip to the Mood Muzik series, this in turn is a deeper perspective into Joe’s life, his upbringing and why he is the way he is. After Mood Muzik 3 released (and later on 3.5), Joe took an alternative approach on a new series which I like to call his “Jailhouse” series. Focusing on the same creative content as Mood Muzik, this showed an even darker and twisted version of the New Jersey MC which, to most of his fanbase, was more preferred than previously. In other words, they wanted a more painful Joe to rap on these tracks.

It first began with Halfway House, then releasing the sequel to it as an album titled Padded Room. Following Padded Room was the mixtape Escape Route (which IMO was the darkest of all the music Joe ever released next to Padded Room) then lastly was Joe’s supposed final album The Great Escape, but it never reached the release. Later on, Budden formed a team with Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9 and Crooked I called Slaughterhouse which was eventually signed to Shady Records by Eminem himself. The crew had released a few mixtapes along with an album to maintain themselves as lyrical hip-hop stars. Afterwards, Budden released Mood Muzik 4 & 4.5 independently through the E1 label along with a free mixtape, Loose Quarter.

If you’re a fan of Budden, you also know the women that have surrounded his life. Various tracks revolving these women would be mentioned in his short Ordinary Love Shit series, and his 3 part album series: No Love Lost, Some Love Lost, and All Love Lost. After all the trouble with women; his various lyrical exchanges with Canibus, Ransom, and currently Drake; his SoundCloud/YouTube podcast titled I’ll Name This Podcast Later; and his 3 round battle with Queen’s battle rapper, Hollow Da Don, he has now collaborated with the dynamic producer arrabMUZIK to release Rage and The Machine.

If you’re familiar with arrabMUZIK, you know that this man’s finesse on an MPC is of the heavens above. Combine that with Budden’s talents and you have an 11 track album packed with raw talent and delivery. I’ve enclosed Budden’s notable music (and if you couldn’t tell, Budden is my favorite MC) below including a video of araabMUZIK’s MPC talent as well. Be on the lookout for the Rage and The Machine album review as well.

This has been the Renegade On-Repeat. Do you want to be featured on the next edition of this article? Send us some music via our Contact page and we’ll be sure to give your music a rotation. If we keep hitting that replay button, you may be able to make it on to next month’s article!

(Edited by S. Seal)


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