Renegade On-Repeat: September 2016

Just like last month’s segment, Renegade On-Repeat is a series of artists that I have been listening to within the past month so far that I’ve been putting on constant rotation. Let’s dive further into the list:



It was around last year that I was listening to Complexion Radio and an episode of the podcast played two of this man’s tracks. The first was “Vacation” while the 2nd, which is one of my personal favorite tracks from Hero, was “She Will Always Let You Down.” Please get hip to Hero. Rapper, singer and producer in one, he brings a tenacity in his production that I haven’t heabefore. I was amazed when I first heard “B**** I’m David Bowie” & “Dear Satan”(Hey Hero could you re-upload the latter and “She Will Always Let You Down” by the way?). The way he implements the 80’s sound into his music and not too many lyrics makes his tracks immense in the overall presentation.

Did I mention this man’s production as well? Listen, any track I listed (including “Down In The Hamptons”) is fire so as I said, do not sleep on this man. I’ve included his SoundCloud page below along with his recently released EP titled VHSPOP. Please be sure to take a listen to the artist from Alberta, Canada. The boy Hero is nice.



The first time I heard Tru was on a track titled “Blue” on SoundCloud that I found from a related track to someone named  Lehviboy. Of course, Tru’s overall performance on “Blue” made me want to look further into his artistry and sure enough, it brought me to his album If Love Could Speak and a few of his loosey tracks (more so VNL and if you’re reading Tru, you bodied that visual). Tru is a member of the Homies-Only collective and it would be best you get hip to him and the members of Homies-Only as well if you have not already.

Just recently, Tru had released not just one but TWO projects: セブン 二 セブン Hubris which are both solid projects I would totally suggest you listen to. Below, I have listed both of those projects from SoundCloud, along with “Blue” & the “VNL” visual. Check out both below.

Joose The Conqueror


So lemme tell you all about this young man from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. First off, West Michigan has a music scene and it’s full of talent. Second, GR is the home to the collective of AGO which is composed of Sango, Amos Rose, Savon, The SEVENth, Waldo, Mozaic and this young man: Joose The Conqueror. The first song I heard from Joose was a track titled “Reggie Miller” which was produced by Sango around 2014. After listening to this track, this made me more familiar with the AGO click even further as it then transitioned me to listen to the AGO compilation project, Tuebor.

Shortly after, this made me listen to the Cruise Control EP that was released in 2014. “Black Sand,” “Julian,” and the DJ Mozaic remix to “Reggie Miller” were all fire on the project with visuals being made for the first two tracks. As of this year, he has released his album titled Insomnia and it’s highly recommended you check out this project as well. I have provided the links of “Reggie Miller,” Cruise Control Insomnia all below but please support Joose by purchasing Insomnia at and be sure to support the AGO movement from Grand Rapids.

Everything #AGO

Isaiah Rashad


So Chattanooga’s very own Zaywop has also been on my rotation list. The first time I had even heard of dude was when a trailer of Isaiah Rashad was released on the TDE YouTube website where he was in the studio (I would assume it being the TDE studio). Shortly afterwards, he dropped the visual to “Shot You Down” and afterwards he dropped his debut TDE project, Cilvia Demo. Additionally, more visuals to supply the project were one of my favorite tracks of all time that being “Soliloquy” (Zaywop you were snappin on that track  young man).

Of course, I needed to take the initiative of the rumored mixtape he dropped just before he signed to TDE which was titled Welcome To The Game. For some reason, I felt this tape a whole lot more than Cilvia Demo (in my opinion). In fact, most of that tape I had on rotation (“Fake Trill,” “Hii (F*** Love),” “Food For Thought” “Weak S***,” THE LIST GOES ONNNNN). If you’re wondering on if you should listen to him or not, I’ve provided the “Shot You Down” and “Soliloquy” visual, Welcome To The Game, Cilvia Demo and his latest project, The Sun’s Tirade, below. Be on the lookout for the album review as well for The Sun’s Tirade and please check out Zaywop.

KiNG O$iRi$


So lemme tell you about the homie K.O from Kansas City, Missouri. I first met dude on my very first visit in California. Introducing himself to me as a “Rapographer”, K.O. shoots his own videos along with rapping as well. Additionally, he has his very own video blog series titled #LLTK (Long Live The King) that is definitely worth checking out on YouTube where he gives a view and personal perspective of his life.

As far as music goes, the boy is as high-octane as it gets. I not only heard the original tracks but saw the visuals to “O.G. WAVEMA$TER” & “#NOTHiN,” and you can tell that he has the potential to move crowds at live shows and even in his own visuals to really be called “The Rapographer.” I have provided one of his earlier tapes Royal Chief Pt.3,  the visuals to “O.G. WAVEMA$TER” & “#NOTHiN,” and his recent album that was just released titled, KiNG O$iRi$ Vs. The World – Yin. Please be sure to support him as well by buying the album on iTunes if you enjoyed his project. Additionally, be on the lookout for more Renegade related content with KiNG O$iri$ in the meantime. – Royal Chief Pt.3

This has been your Renegade On-Repeat. Want your music to be featured on the next Renegade On-Repeat segment? Send a message on our Contact page and we’ll surely take a listen!



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