Renegade On-Repeat

This is a new segment on the Renegade in regards to what I have been listening to as of recent. All of these artists (producers, rappers, singers, radio DJs) have all been what has been in in my rotation for awhile as of now. Let us get into it:

Scotty Apex


First time I heard Scotty Apex, I was actually scavenging via SoundCloud more so Tre Capital’s page. Come to find out, Tre was featured on one of Scotty’s tracks titled “City Savior” off of Scotty’s project Anxiety. I’m gonna say it now, the boy from Indianapolis is NICE.

I absolutely have Anxiety on constant rotation. Dude’s cadence in terms of how he raps along with heavy hitting production on the project of M-Piece, Tre Hammond and the rising star, Mathaius Young, I would hate for anybody to sleep on this dude. As I said, dude is nice. Initially, I had the first four tracks (Anxiety, Fly Away, City Savior, & No Love) being played from time to time but then I missed out on listening to how hungry he was on “Reign” and how he flowed so well with the nice vocals on “Issues.” At the point I realized, I needed to give the project a better listen which I did and at that point, the project was constantly in my plays.

I’ve included the video to his track “Anxiety” below and additionally, the entire Anxiety project on SoundCloud. Peep both of these below.

Dre Rodner


So this man here, duke. First beat I heard from him, he did a beat with another well known producer by the name of MadBliss (in case you’re wondering which beat it is, that would be “Color Me”). Apparently, I got curious and managed to get into his SoundCloud page. Looking further in, I found a couple single beats he had released which I had grooved to titled “Ridin” & “Do It Again.”

Later on, he then released an entire 7 track beat tape titled No Signal which was ultimately solid overall. But what really what had me sure to believe he would be my new favorite producer was when he dropped Daylight Savings which is an 11 track beat tape that is solid from beginning to end. Initially, I was only being selective to what I was listening to in terms of the tape with tracks like “2K”, and “Anything You Want” (which is my favorite track on the tape).

But then “Nineties” (that sample especially)  grew on me more and so did the drum-horn combinations used in “Midnight” which was real solid. All in all, I would highly recommend production from Dre Rodner for any artist, singer, and/or entrepreneur that wants to use some music for any of their creative projects. I’ve included the links to both Daylight Savings, No Signal and the link to the very first track I listened to. 



Take a good look at this man above. This is the man that brought you Kendrick Lamar’s “Momma” production. This is the same dude that produced the whole duo album of NxWorries’ Link Up & Suede. You remember that BLUE FLAME from Joey Bada$$’ 1999 tape which was a track called “Killuminati” which also featured the legendary Capital Steez (R.I.P Steez by the way)? Oh he did that too.

First off, dude’s production is just phenomenal all around. The first produced track I unknowingly knew of from him was again, “Killuminati” but the very first track that I familiarized myself to be produced by him was “Suede.” This is the same track where I had also first familiarized myself with Anderson .Paak. Afterwards, I knew that I needed to listen to more of his instrumentals. But what I didn’t realize was that  when listening to him his production is very similar to Madlibs. You know those jazz sounds mixed with hip hop and the random vocals where it sounds like it came out of a Turner Classic movie? Yup, it’s got Knxwledge written all over it.

What’s also likeable about dude is that he takes a lot of his original instrumentals and puts acapellas of other rappers on the beats. I’ve heard tracks artists such as Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Styles P, to even battle rappers such as Loaded Lux and Arsonal mixed into his production. That’s not all: he also has an extremely uncanny but clever ability of creating his own words or phrases into clever acronyms which appear to be acceptable such as: “rownmywai,” or “”

This duke’s production is phenomenal as I said and I’m really looking forward to his new project with Anderson .Paak (or when they form up together, they’re NxWorries) titled Yes Lawd. He has a great sum of mixtapes and albums that he’s released, but it’s rather hard to decide on what tape I like the best. Instead, I’ve added a couple tapes I’ve listened to the most below. Knxwledge’s latest beat tape, Buttrskotch, is available now and I’ve added that on there as well. Don’t sleep on Knxwledge.

DJ Complexion


So lemme tell you about DJ Complexion, duke. There was a time where I was utilizing SoundCloud as a simple means of listening to uploaded pirated music. Somehow, one of his”Related Tracks” kicked in when I was listening to a playlist that he just so happen to mix (which if I remember correctly, it was like a best of 2014 mix  or something among those lines).

Curious as always, I looked further into the matter and it turned out he had a weekly radio show that he always played on Sundays in London. Yes, London has a music culture too guys and I gotta say, Complexion has absolutely open up my music tastes a lot more afterwards. You see, Complexion hosts the very popular Future Beats Radio Show where it plays a variety of different producers and artists that aren’t within the norm. To be specific, some people would best personify it as the following:

  • UK bass music
  • US future hip-hop/trap beats (e.g. Soulection)
  • Experimental

To be frankly honest, without this man, I would of never heard of guys like TEK.LUN, Sango (a lot more than when I did previously), Waldo, NeguimBeats, J. Robb, HERO (as in, YOURFRIENDHERO), Anyone off the AGO roster, most of the Soulection cats, Smino, MadBliss, Amon Abdallah, LMC, The Darker Than Wax label, Zuper, etc, etc. Like I said, it would be real suggestive to get hip to DJ Complexion because if you’re an artist who hasn’t heard the Future Beats Show, you’re missing out on a lot of good music that not only is being played but also possible chances of doing something productive with it as well.

I have left a link to all the current Future Beats Record Podcasts left so far below (the newest is at the bottom) and in the meantime, you can check out his newly restored old SoundCloud page with all the archived music here and his current and up to date SoundCloud page here.

Dave B.


You had better get woke to Dave B. I was late to the party considering I didn’t know all too well about the artist from Seattle area. I’m ashamed to say that it took an entire production of Sango for me to be a fan but now that I heard the Tomorrow album, and went further back into listening to Punch Drunk I’m thankful that I’ve finally gotten hip to Dave B.

Some of you are already familiar with Soulection’s very own Sango. Well he and Dave B. collaborated to release the Tomorrow album which I gotta say is blue flames. If you want some nice Sango production (I mean who doesn’t like Sango production? Da Rocinha, anything AGO related, his singles, list goes on) along with a singer with a rising name from the Seattle area, this album is totally for you. The tracks that really captured my attention the most have been, “Drugs N’ Such,” “Do No Disturb,” & “Right Here” for as of now but after several rotations, the album is slowly overall warming up to me. The album is available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud but knowing me, I provided the whole entire album below via SoundCloud. Enjoy it!



It was alllllll the way in high school that I had listened to Fly Union. It was alllllll the way back around during the times which Jerreau, Iye Ball & Jay Swifa were dropping the Fly Union Value Pack series that I had listened to that dope track titled “Long Run” for the first time. From the Value Packs to TGTC to Zenith to Small Victories, all these specific tapes have brought this man Jerreau to much greater heights.

First off, Jerreau is 1/3 of the Columbus, Ohio-based music group Fly Union composed of himself, and two producers who also can rap named Iyeball and Jay Swifa (whom these two collectively form a producer based duo called Monkeywrench). I first started listening to the group around 2010 and they have worked with a handful of great artists collectively (including Kendrick Lamar as well). Though since then, the group had other plans and Jerreau has now gone the solo route. As much as I would like another Fly Union project, Jerreau is definitely making a name for himself as his own man.

With musical co-signs of his music being played from LeBron James, appearances on the Soulection radio podcast, and having a major hit single titled “Really Got It,” Jerreau has been gathering a major amount of clout as of late. I would totally recommend listening to Never How You Plan all the way in rotation as the whole entire album was rather solid in my opinion. “Really Got It,” “Make A Play,” “Looking For Something,” & more so “Champagne” definitely stood as my personal favorite tracks.

Below I have included not only Never How You Plan but also a few of the projects Jerreau participated during the Fly Union era. Take a listen to Never How You Plan, a few other Fly Union projects and be on the lookout for Columbus’ very own.

Tre Capital


Okay. Let me tell you about this young man here out of Los Angeles. Let me tell you about this young man who is also the son of West Coast Legend, Xzibit. I want to tell you about Tre, cotdang, Capital.

It was around 2015 that I had first listened to Tre Capital and happened to stumble upon the HARDEST beat driven, cinematic-sounding track produced by Wondagurl. This is the same track that made me a fan of Sean Leon, a fellow music friend of Tre, as well.. That track was titled “Prestige.” First off, anything that Wondagurl touches is automatically going to be blue flames. The first time I heard that, I wasn’t sure whether I liked the beat or was it that I admired dude’s tenacity because of how old he was while he flowed on the track. Doesn’t matter because I went back and listened to Gundam Pt.1, & Gundam Pt.2 (which by the time I finished Pt.1, Pt.2 dropped shortly after), and was sure in my mind that I was a fan. Tracks such as “Walking On Water,” any of his Diamond Freestyles, “Keep Away,” (Tre if you reading this, I would agree K. Dot would’ve snapped on this and I honestly wish the first half of this track was a lot longer because the build-up is blue flames), & “Made It Happen” are just a few of my favorite tracks. I can’t forget the remix to “Left, Right” with the collaborative group of D.LX either.

As I said before, Tre’s tenacity on a track is something I don’t normally see in a lot of young mc’s. For his age, I definitely see him becoming a dope MC in the near future especially from the West Coast where the “sound” of the West Coast is drastically changing in a different way. He’s worked with Wondagurl, Eestbound, Black Milk, Martin $ky, Mathaius Young, Scotty Apex (which is also in this article) and even Sango. Additionally, I honestly believe that in terms of Rap/Hip-Hop, Tre has the true potential of becoming the new face of West Coast Hip-Hop if all works well for him.

In the meantime, I have included Tre’s  I Can’t Die Yet (which is his latest project) & Gundam Pt.2 below and be on the lookout for this young MC from Los Angeles. If you wish to listen to Gundam Pt.1, you would want to check out SoundCloud for it…

Who am I kidding…I’ve included it below as well.



Despite what you may think of him personally as of late regarding his comments on him being happy and & his relationship with Kehlani, he has in fact been releasing great music in general and more specifically, his P3 album which just released a couple weeks back. I think the first time I heard Party was out of nowhere actually when he emerged as just an artist from Toronto. You know how most of those out of nowhere Toronto artists start off as a thing? As in like the artist is that good that you don’t want him to go mainstream or take the commercial route and have them remain lowkey?

I remember The Weeknd was like that at one point. Soon as he dropped House of Balloons, I was hoping he’d still be successful but eventually he went commercial and that was that. Same idea had applied to Party when he dropped the debut album PartyNextDoor and ended up being signed to OVO. As far as Party himself is concerned, I took a listen to P3 and it’s been rather up and down for me personally but maybe for you, this could be something you would enjoy ideally. Most of what I have enjoyed so far are the singles that he has released and collaborations he’s released for the album along with “1942,” “Problems/Selfless,” “Don’t Run” & “Nobody.”

If you’re interested in taking a listen to the album, take a listen to the Spotify link below. Other than that, these are the artists I’ve been currently listening to as of the moment. Be on the lookout for more in the meantime. This has been your Renegade On-Repeat.


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