Drake vs. Hot 97

UPDATE 8/7/16 Funkmaster Flex responds to Drake regarding the Hot 97 comments stated at Madison Square Garden. Flex decided to tell a handful of stories regarding Drake’s altercation with P. Diddy, the freestyle regarding the Blackberry, Quentin Miller, and Flex’s thoughts on the idea of Drake comment of having Flex fired.

“You see they telling lies on Hot 97 that’s how it goes/ I told ‘em fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come and do your show/ Plus me and Kanye we just left out the studio/ My first night in Garden, I’m feeling like D Rose”

Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, Joe Budden, ALMOST Eminem and now more names have been added to Aubrey’s engagements: Funkmaster Flex & Hot 97. The 6 God took shots at the acclaimed radio station just yesterday at his performance at Madison Square Garden during his Summer Sixteen Tour with Future. The above mentioned quote were the exact words that Drake stated when Hot 97 host, Ebro, had entertained the idea that Eminem and Drake were beefing and was just precious moment away from releasing diss verses.

However, it was confirmed from Ebro that it was a joke. Considered to be a “slow day for news,” it did however ruin the masses of what could of been a massive moment in Hip Hop. It could be said Drake didn’t take a liking of the statement among other things. Peep what was said below:

Funkmaster Flex didn’t take a liking to the matter either and it seems as though he has a surprise regarding the matter:

So what does Flex have in store for 6 God? It did not take long for Hot 97 to respond quickly to the matter either as Ebro and the Hot 97 collective had gathered to speak on the matter:

Keep in mind that Hot 97 is the same radio station that not only witnessed Drake spit the same bars off of his legendary now absent BlackBerry device but also the very first radio station he ever freestyled at ever. We can only wonder what Funkmaster Flex has in store Saturday. We’ll keep this updated in the meantime regarding the matter.


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