The Renegade Recap: July 2016

The Renegade Recap is a series of events that are music related that have been very significant within this past month. Each segment of RR will focus on these events, their importance, and also artists that will be releasing music sometime within the next month. Let us take a moment to recap what had occurred in July 2016:

Joe Budden & Drake


Of course this has been one of the most memorable moments of Hip-Hop this year considering the sport and essence of rapping was attempted to be put into motion again. Budden felt as though Drake was uninspired to rap after the release of Views from the 6 and had said this on his weekly podcast, I’ll Name This Podcast Later. Drake had thrown a subliminal on “4pm in Calabasas” which Budden was quite pleased to hear that a slightly “inspired” Drake was able to write what Budden described the bars to be “beautifully written code” about Budden along with bars involving Meek Mill and P. Diddy.

Joe however then decided to retaliate with “Making A Murderer Pt.1” which of course had spiked heavy relevancy to the New Jersey MC. However a response was never heard of from the 6 God. Joe had again attacked Drake on his second diss titled, “Wake,” which this track had also gained massive activity stating Joe performed even better in the last one. At this moment, it would seem as though it would be a good idea for Drake to submit a response.

Cover art for Joe Budden’s first diss “Making a Murderer Pt.1”

Allegedly, it was reported that a track with French Montana had Drake on a track where it would be very likely that he would rap about Joe on the verse. It was also reported that Joe had heard a preview of this track and that it had a substantial amount of firepower to at least match wits with Budden. However, this same track titled, “No Shopping,” was released and it was an extreme letdown as individuals thought that Drake would have a response to Budden’s verses.

The cover art for French Montana’s “No Shopping” featuring Drake

On the same day “No Shopping” was first played on OVO Sound Radio, Budden took to the internet to release his 3rd diss titled “Afraid” which again took to many heights and gained appeal. In this track however, Joe is simply trying to help with Drake instead of obliterating his reputation lyrically. Days later in Dallas, Texas, Drake had dissed Budden at his Summer Sixteen performance (you can look here to catch up on what happened there). But of course, this wasn’t exactly a good idea on Drake’s end.

Days afterwards, Budden released his 4th diss track “Just Because,” which yet again sparked the Internet up. Some were speculating that at this point, Drake would never even respond. It was then stated Joe was bribed $10,000 if he were able to create 25 diss tracks from Drake himself along with being given tickets to any of Drake’s shows and performances during the Summer Sixteen Tour. There always comes a price when it comes to relevancy: take for instance the incident involving the kids who visited Budden’s residence and thus began an array of unfortunate events.

The footage of the kids approaching Joe Budden at his residence and the pursuit that followed

This reckless behavior somehow managed to trigger the 6 God to follow one of the kids that had ambushed Budden on Instagram:

Drake had followed one of the kids on Instagram after the incident occurred

We don’t know what could be in store in the upcoming future for these two. But for right now, from a Rap/Hip-Hop perspective, Budden is still 4-0 over Drizzy. Perhaps Aubrey may want to get it together.

Samaritan: The Game


The Game has been doing a high amount of good deeds not only for his community but for various parts of the world. The Compton rap artist has been doing the following good deeds:

  • Assisted with Anna Angel by helping with her with the funeral arrangements of her five children and boyfriend after they were killed in a house fire
  • Donated $17,000 to the family of 7-year-old Talaib Pecante, who was killed in allegedly in a gang-related shooting in Los Angeles
  • Helped Flint, Michigan with their water crisis by pledging $1 million dollars (with half coming out of his own pocket and the rest from his charity program “The Robin Hood Project”).
  • Gave $1000 to a mother for her to purchase groceries in part of his “Yo Mama, My Mama” program
  • Teamed up with professional poker player Dan Bilzerian to donate $10,000 collectively towards the Philippine Typhoon back in 2013
  • Initiated a GoFundMe with his son, Harlem, to raise money for Officer Tommy Norman who is a white police officer who serves a black community in Little Rock, Arkansas

Be aware that he had also led a peace march with Snoop Dogg back in early July as well. The Compton artist looks to bring not just the city of LA, some light, but also the world some light.

The Influence of Desiigner


It could be said that all it took was one track to make this man so successful in regards to the likes of Desiigner. “Panda” was it? Some would wonder why would Desiigner have any positive contribution to Hip-Hop at all based off not one but two tracks (the second being “Timmy Turner” and you can listen to it here if you haven’t heard already). But lets think of what it did for the music community:

  • It triggered a great number of SoundCloud producers to flip the vocals into a fresh new song (if you haven’t checked this out, you would be surprised at the amount of producers that have flipped it)
  • It made other artists additionally come out to attempt a freestyle (which is normal but if a big artist likes an instrumental and your cadence matches the presentation of that instrumental, wonders can happen)
  • Additionally making the XXL Freshman list, he spit the infamous “Timmy Turner” freestyle that was rapped like a chorus (which triggered the same effect in the first point with hundreds of SoundCloud producers being put to work and making a fresh beat with the vocals)

Although Desiigner doesn’t exactly hold too much weight in the eyes of many (me personally, I prefer lyrics, messages and battle-rap related elements in tracks), I’d like to assume positive intent of this artist only because of what his potential can trigger outside of what he can present performance wise. Let’s think about this, did anyone know a handful of SoundCloud producers made beats off his vocals alone? When is the last time you heard ONE rapper have ONE verse and/or chorus trigger a handful of lyrics being flipped by a handful of producers?

…go ahead. I’m sure we can all wait.

The Rise of Groovy Q


I remember back when I first heard Q immediately after I heard one of my favorite Kendrick Lamar songs (H.O.C to be exact). That song was “Michael Jordan” off of Overly Dedicated. I used to view Q as a “hypeman” and not so much his own man when it came to rapping. Honestly, at first,  I figured he was just as lyrical as Dot, Soul and Rock at the time when Black Hippy was unheard of, TDE was just one of those underground rap packs, and Punch was still rapping on each member’s tracks on their respective projects (you know the old saying: “you’re only as good as the company you keep”).

Boy was I wrong…Soon as I heard Setbacks, I had to settle in knowing that he’s going to be MUCH different than his other 3 brothers among Black Hippy. He may not be as lyrical but what he makes up for any lyrics he makes for in another area: Life. Gangbanging, the lifestyle of a crip, drugs, etc. Lets be honest, when’s the last time you heard a TRUE gangster album? Of course you could consider Jay Rock in the same category (since he’s blood affiliated) but never have I heard in a sense as Q. Habits & Contradictions had set in the idea that he was not like his TDE brethren until I had really listened to the lyrics and not so much for the sake of bumping his music to ride around to. Although Oxymoron didn’t really do much for me as I felt it was rather commercial, the Blank Face LP definitely solidified my perception of Q to a further extent as a Gangster rapper.

Here it is 2016 and I definitely have to say he’s a major highlight in Rap/Hip-Hop this year. If you want a further idea of what I felt on Schoolboy and new album Blank Face, check out my album review here.

What new albums/music to look out for:

Travis Scott – Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight (Album – Releases August 5th)

Chinx Drugz – Legends Never Die (Album – Releases August 5th)

Atmosphere  Fishing Blues (Album – Releases August 12th)

PartyNextDoor – P3 (Album – Releases August 16th)

Tory Lanez – I Told You (Album – Releases August 19th) 

French Montana – MC4 (Album – Releases August 19th)

David Banner – The God Box (Album – Releases August 19th)

Lil Bibby – FC3: The Epilogue (Album – Releases August 26th)

De La Soul – And The Anonymous Nobody (Album – Releases August 26th)

KiNG O$iri$ – (K.O.V$.T.W YiN (KiNG O$iRi$ V$. The World) (Album – Releases August 29th)

Sami Seal & REM_OD – MINT (Album – August TBD)

This has been your Renegade Recap for July 2016





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