Travis Scott Reveals Album Release Date & New Song in New York

Just a few weeks ago, Travis Scott revealed the name of his new album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight along with the album having a movie based on it as well. Just in New York at the Coney Island Boardwalk, he had announced that his new album will be released as of August 5th.

Additionally, Scott had also revealed a never before heard track which could be another song off of the album. What was heard from a fan who recorded the track were the words “steady with the groove” being repeated. “I got shit shit to lose/That shit make me nervous/I got shit to lose/Got to keep my cool.” It could be implied that the name of the track is one of these lyrics previously stated but we’ll have to see come August 5th unless more news is released regarding this upcoming project from La Flame.

Check out the release date announcement below, the new track that was revealed and be sure to pickup Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight on August 5th along with its motion picture within the coming days.


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