Drake calls out Joe Budden in Dallas, Texas


(Image via Suzanne Cordeiro/Shutterstock/Rex)

Looks as though Aubrey has finally been triggered to say something further about Joe Budden in the latest installment of the Budden/Drake beef. At the Dallas performance of Drake & Future’s “Summer Sixteen” Tour, Drake had threw a shot at Joe Budden stating this:

“I should have brought Joe Budden up here and let him do ‘Pump It Up’ one time tonight.”  The crowd began to roar with excitement as the statement was made. But it began to pick up even more shortly after he had said this: Pump, pump, pump it up. F-ck them ni–as man.”

Of course, Budden is always watching… He went on Twitter to say the tweet: “He (Drake) just want attention lol” but unfortunately he deleted the tweet shortly after.

This could likely escalate the feud even further but only time will tell. Peep the clip below:


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